Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Circus Has Come To Town

This week the circus came to my hometown. I’ve always loved the circus. I love the atmosphere, the clowns and being able to sit back and spend a few hours laughing.


As it was the John Lawson’s circus I knew it would be good as the John Lawson’s circus comes to my hometown every year and never fails to impress. They always have the range of acts that are entertaining and leave you in awe. This year was no different.

I and a few of my mates decided to go and luckily I was able to get hold of some coupons. We went along to the 7:30 PM showing on their first day. I was a little worried as we hadn’t got there as early as I had hoped And I was worried about getting a good seat. However the queue for the ticket booth was very short and we were able to buy the tickets and find seats quickly and more importantly, we were able to find seats together.


As the lights dimmed and the circus began out came my inner child. The show started with a welcome from the ringmaster which included a warning that anyone sat in a Blue chair was At the risk of getting wet. The ringmaster then laughed at us all as we checked our chairs before realising all the chairs were blue!

The show contained a variety of acts including a trapeze act, a tennis-themed juggling act and a clown who entertained us between the acts. My personal favourites were a pair that was able to change in an instant and an act based on knife throwing.


I really loved the circus. It went on for a good 2 hours and was definitely good value for money. I had coupons which were easily available from many local shops and therefore it only cost us £17 for the 5 of us and 2 souvenir books. I would definitely recommend the John Lawson’s circus. It makes a good, family day out. The John Lawson’s circus travels around and check out their website to see if they are coming near you.

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