Monday, 23 April 2018

Jamie Oliver's Cookery School

I love cooking although I don't get as much time as I would like to spend in the kitchen and some of the time it is easier and quicker to buy preprepared meals. And the idea of letting Tilly help me in the kitchen, well it absolutely terrifies me.

However we were invited along to a Hotpoint Kids Kitchen event being hosted by Jamie Oliver's cookery school. When I think of Hotpoint I think of washing machines and dishwashers, however I was surprised to learn they did a large range of cookers as well and are on a mission to help more children to find their feet in the kitchen.

When we arrived we were informed that we would be making Moroccan meatballs. Tilly loves meatballs but we have never made them from scratch before and I wasn't sure if she would like the Moroccan twist on one of her favourite dishes.

After a demonstration by professional chefs, Frankie and Jack, during which they showed us what to do and gave us tips to perfect our cooking skills, we went to our own section to get going. As expected Tilly couldn't wait to get started as everything had be prepared and placed out for us beforehand.

Her first job was to roll out the meatballs. Tilly did an awesome job and she made several good albeit misshaped meatballs. Next came the frying during which we were told not to constantly stir. Leave them to fry and turn over only when browning otherwise to risk loosing some of the flavour.

Next we were given a pestle and mortar to crush some herbs and spices. We then added and crushed some tomatoes and some garlic to our herbs. We also had the option to add olives but as Tilly doesn't like them, we left them out.

As our meatballs are coming along nicely, we added some chopped onions and peppers to the mix. Soon after our crushed mixture also went to the pan and a minuet later so did some chick peas mixed in with some tomato purée. Again we were told to let this simmer and not stir it.

During our cooking the professional chefs were wondering around offering a helpful word here and there.

When they were cooked our meatballs where served with some couscous that the chefs had prepared. The meal was delicious and healthy and showed me just how quickly a meal can be made from scratch. Tilly enjoyed it and ate it all because she had seen what had gone in and knew she liked everything as we were able to play with the recipe a little to adjust it to our tastes.

Both me and Tilly has so much fun at Jamie Oliver's Cookery school and it has encouraged Tilly to get in the kitchen more. She has said she wants to now cook everyday so I will have to teach her more recipes or we will living on Moroccan meatballs!

Hotpoint have teamed up with Jamie Oliver's Cookery school to bring you a healthy eating challenge. Open to all children 13 and under, children are asked to make a healthy recipe for either breakfast, lunch or dinner containing a protein, vegetables and no added sugars. 1st prise is a trip to Warner Bros. Studio tour London- the Harry Potter Tour and 4 lucky runners up with each receive a £50 Currys PC world voucher. For full terms and conditions please visit their website here.

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