Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to one of my best friends.

We met about 3 years ago when we started working together, we got on really well and enjoyed working together. I was always glad to work with her as it meant I wouldn’t have to walk to work!

It wasn’t until she left the company that our friendship grew stronger. I think it was because we were no longer meeting up because we were doing the same shift but because we wanted to meet up.

We make sure to meet up a least once every couple of weeks and chat about our lives (we mainly discuss my incompetence at adulting) and she has recently started as a leader at my Brownies pack.

When I have really struggled with everything in the past, she was always there for me and she continues to be here for me when ever I need her. Im not very good at dealing with my emotions and seeking help when I need it but I know that I can phone her anytime and she will be there for me. To talk through it with me or just sit and watch Star Wars with me!

Last week at the drop of a hat, she drove the 20 minuets to my work at 8pm to drive me home because I had had a traumatic shift and needed someone.

I hope she understands just how much I appreciate her and her friendship and I hope she has an absolutely fantastic day.

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