Sunday, 20 May 2018

Joining in the fun of the royal wedding

At the beginning of this term, I asked my brownies what they wanted to do this term. During planning we set aside a couple of weeks to have meetings where the girls have chosen what we do. They had many ideas but ultimately requested an evening where their brought in a bear and had a fashion show.

So I thought as it is the same week as the royal wedding we would help to celebrate the big day. We got each of the girls to bring in a bear or soft toy and in their groups they were given a tray full of bits and bobs such as white bin bags, white cotton, tissue paper, toilet paper and bits of white material. They were then tasked to design a wedding dress or wedding suit for their bear. They were then given some stickers and pegs to help decorate the dress or suit.

The girls all loved the idea and got stuck in straight away. It was interesting to watch them as some of them decided to just go for it and had bin bags and material flying everywhere, whereas some where more thoughtful and where even measuring their bears and delicately cutting out little arm holes out of toilet paper. Some where even very creative and made tiaras out of pipe cleaners and one even made earnings out of stickers. I would never had thought of that!

It was nice to see all their personalities come through in their designs. Some made lavish designs with more dress then bear whereas other made more basic and sophisticated designs.

After their designs were finished they all strutted down the cat walk showing off their bears. They were all really awesome and I genuinely couldn't pick out my favourite. They really enjoyed the meeting and it was nice to do something that they have chosen and now I know who to go to if I need a wedding dress designed.

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