Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Another year older

This week I have become another year older (not sure if I can say I am any wiser though!). I decided to have a quiet birthday this year. Previous years I have been to Lego land, A Doctor who experience and afternoon tea at Harrods. However with mum going on holiday this year and and the fact my birthday was on a Monday, nothing was planned.
On my birthday, I was awoken early to a very excited Tilly who was waving a card and a present at me. Her and mum had brought me some really nice jewellery including a bracelet with Swaroski diamonds. It is really pretty but I know every time I wear it I will panic about it falling off. I think I trip to the jewellery shop to buy a safety chain is in order.

After we packed Tilly off to school, I was off to work and the day seemed to return to normal. However when I popped back home for my lunch break, mum told me she needed me to buy a cake as it was a neighbours birthday. I new mum hadn't got me a cake as she had only got home from her holiday at 10:30pm the previous night and I didn't really mind as I knew their was only going to be the 3 of us. But now I was suspicious and I wouldn't put it past my mum to sent me out to but my own birthday cake!

I was lucky that although I had been put in to work on my birthday, I was working with my friends and hadn't been given a long shift so, I had a good afternoon.

When I arrived home with a birthday cake in my hand, mum announced she had got the wrong date for the neighbours birthday and we would then need to use the cake for my birthday. How convenient!

Overall I had a quiet but enjoyable birthday. It was nice for a change not too have to get up early to go somewhere but to have a nice relaxed and chilled birthday.

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