Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Raising Money for Brownies

This week at Brownies we have been looking at raising some money for the pack and for our pack holiday pot.

My Brownie pack have been going to camp since I was a child, and we would meet up with 2 other packs and enjoy a joint holiday. Over the years we collected a large range of equipment we and between the packs we could afford to replace anything as it was needed. However a few years ago, the 3 packs decided to go our separate ways to give more girls the opportunity to go to camp as previously we could only take about 7 girls per pack. This however did mean that the equipment was split between our packs and as a result we had to replace what we had lost.

We therefore have been buying what we need as we need it. We are lucky that one of the local schools lets us borrow some bits and bobs such as cutlery and tea towels and one of our leaders had made us aprons and neck ties.

However this year, we seem to have more older girls and as a result we need to buy more uniform in bigger sizes on top of the bits we need to replace due to wear and tear.

In order to keep the cost of pack holiday down and try not to cost any girl out of coming on holiday, we have decided to try and do some fund raising to raise just a little bit of money to help out.

We decided to do a sponsored walk around our local town. The girls were given a sheet of paper with a stained glass window design with 25 segments and they were asked to get up to 25 sponsors.

Next brownie meeting we are heading out and following a pre planned route during which the girls will be asked questions based on the window display of the shops we pass. When the girls get a question correct, they get to colour in the matching section of their stain glass window and have then earned the money they raised.

We are hoping that even if the girls fill up their sheet with sponsors of only 10p or 20p, we could raise £150 which, doesn't sound much but would ensure we have enough uniform and equipment for all the girls without having to up the cost of the holiday.

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