Thursday, 14 June 2018

Taking the Brownies to Soar

Last weekend I took my Brownies to a sleepover at a trampoline park. We attended Soar in Gillingham. Now I know what you are thinking. Why would anyone do something so crazy?! But both me and the girls had an amazing time and we are already planning on making it an annual event.

We were lucky as many of our parents offered to drive their daughter and a couple of other children to the trampoline park which was about an hour away. We had so many volunteers it meant that those parents only needed to do either drop off or pick up and those parents who are unable to drive or who have other children had a way of getting their daughter there.

So we met up in our local town on Saturday afternoon with all our luggage (a surprising amount for only 1 night!) and sorted the girls into the different cars and off we set.

We were the first pack to arrive and the trampoline marshals showed us to our area, gave us all our wristbands and our special trampoline socks. This was also our fist opportunity to get a good look around at all the different activities. When everyone was in, we were sent for our safety briefing and then the girls where let loose in the park.

There where many different activities for the girls to try. I expected to turn up and there be just lots trampolines but it was so much better. Some of  these included activities, lots of little trampolines for the girls to just bounce, a dodge-ball court, a basket ball hoop, a long track to practice gymnastic type moves, trampolines that you could bounce off into a sea of foam pieces and a wipe-out game where you had to jump and duck over a swinging beam.

The girls bounced freely for a couple of hours until it was time for bed. We all set out our sleeping bags on the floor of the trampoline park. As the girls where all excited we let them stay up and chat for a little while. They finally settled down about 11:30 and were all asleep by 12. it seemed like I had only closed my eyes for 5 minuets when my alarm went off at 6:30 so we could get up, pack our stuff away ready for another bounce at 7:30. I mean, what else should you be doing at 7:30am on a Sunday?

After our second bounce, we had a breakfast roll before putting the girls back into the cars to go home. They were all pleased to be send off with a special badge to celebrate their sleepover and some where even more excited that they got to keep their trampoline socks!!

Beforehand, I was a little nervous because, although I take my Brownies to camp every year, we spend months preparing it and organising every detail. Here however most of the planning was out of our control and we didn't know what to expect. For example we didn't know where would we be sleeping. However I was really happy at how well the whole event went. It was fantastic and something many of the girls had never done before.

I want to say a massive thank you to Soar for the opportunity to take the girls and for the kindness and attentiveness of their staff that were there. When asked, the girls couldn't decide what their favourite part was as it was everything and hopefully we will be back.

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