Sunday, 8 July 2018

Can We Dare to Dream?

So, England have made it through to the World Cup semi-final and I must admit I have been sucked into the football fever which has gripped the nation.

Before the World Cup started I couldn’t have named any players and wouldn’t have recognised any of their faces. I couldn’t have even told you who the manager was. But I hung my flag outside my window before our fist match and assumed I would be taking it down again after the group stage but we are still fighting.

I have been lucky that I have been able to watch England’s matches as they happen to fall on day off or after I have finished and I think watching the England Panama game is when I started getting more interested into the World Cup as it seemed we had a chance. 

I watch in awe as counties that I thought would have gone far if not won were knocked out. I mean who have thought Germany wouldn’t have made it out the group stages? Didn’t they win the last World Cup? Then watching Argentina get knocked out followed by Brazil I was smiling knowing that our odds are getting better.

My heart sank watching out boys play Columbia when Columbia equalised in the final minutes of the game. Then when it went to penalties I though are journey was over especially when we missed our 3rd penalty and become one down. But the England goalkeeper became one of my hero’s as he saved 2 goals and we finally won a penalty shoot out.

And so Watching our players beat Columbia and then beat Sweden I cheered as we are now closer to winning then we ever have been in my lifetime.

So can we really start dreaming that we could win the World Cup? What ever happens those boys are coming back heros.

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