Sunday, 12 August 2018

when sharing isnt caring!

Growing up I was always told, sharing is caring. It is a motto I always try to live by as no matter how little I have, there is always someone with less. However recently I have had to re-evaluate my views after my caring mother decided to share her infection with the whole household!

It all started a few weeks back when mum cut short her camping trip due to ill health. She spent several days in bed and a trip to the doctors confirmed an infection so it was antibiotics for her. I did what I could, helping to prepare meals, doing shopping and entertaining Tilly while mum slept. I even got up in the middle of the night to help fetch water and medicine when mum woke up. 

I didn't mind doing all this as mum isn't ill very often and lets face it, who wouldn't help their mum when she was in need?

As mum slowly recovered she was getting up more and went back to work. Thing looked like they were getting back to normal until one day I came home from work exhausted, my eyes were heavy and my throat hurt. Within 48 my voice had completely gone and I was showing all the same symptoms as mum had just got over. 

The next day was my day off and although I had promised Tilly we would go out and do some girly shopping, I was too ill to go. I went to bed early the previous night and just told Tilly to entertain herself in the morning and I would wake up when I woke up. We would have a lazy day.

She was brilliant and I didn't hear a peep out of her until 12:30 when she woke me up because she was really hungry. I was amazed that I had slept until 12:30 but grateful as I clearly needed the rest. After this the tables were turned and mum and Tilly looked after me while I recovered.

Now I am almost back to normal, just in time for brownie pack holiday next week. I just hope that next time mum is poorly she will be more selfish and keep her illness to herself!

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