Monday, 27 August 2018

I’m Back from Brownie Camp

So I am back. I spent last week Brownies camp and after a few days of catching up on the lost sleep, I think I have fully recovered (or I quite possibly need another holiday!). 

I was so proud of all my girls this year they were all ridiculously well behaved. We were lucky because this year we just happened to take a lot of older girls and only a few younger ones. The majority of the girls had been before and therefore they knew what they were doing. We only have to explain once and the girls fell into a routine quite easily with the younger ones just following the pack. 

I did notice that their washing up skills had become better and more efficient then previous years.

However I feel that we will pay for it next year as all the older girls will be moving up to guides and so next year we will only have a few with the experience. But that is something I don’t need to worry about until next year! 

We had a fantastic time and had some awesome days out. We visited the shell grotto in Margate, did some shopping, successfully made kites out of bin liners and went kite flying on the beach, we even went out for dinner one day. 

As expected I hardly slept all week! Air beds are notorious for being difficult to sleep on, I seemed to wake up many time on the floor!  Also knowing there are sleeping children in the next room meant that i had to sleep with one eye open. I never knew when one of the girls would need someone in the night. 

We are lucky because a member of our team is a cookery teacher and she takes on the responsibility of cooking for us all. She did an amazing job as a cook and was able to prepare amazing meals even though we had a vegetarian and a girl with lactose intolerance. 

Now that we have survived this year, we can relax for a few months before starting to plan next years. I wonder what theme we should do? 

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