Saturday, 18 August 2018

Im off to Brownie camp

So today is the day. The day I set off on my annual holiday with the Brownies. My suitcase is packed, the crafts have been organised and beds have been blown up.

As with previous years, we go and 'camp' in a hall about an hour about from our home. The hall is 
fantastic and has a large hall as well as 2 smaller rooms and a large kitchen big enough to cook for a large number of people. this means the girls have plenty of space and activities aren't restricted by space. It is also perfect as it is about 90 seconds walk away from a quiet sandy beach, which the girls love. 

Each of the girls get a blow up bed to sleep on and we have a some plastic greenhouses that we set up and use as shelves for the girls.

Yesterday me and my team spent the whole day setting up. We awoke bright and early to head to our lock up where the Brownie camp bits live for most of the year. We spent about an hour packing everything into a van before setting off to the hall.

When we piled everything out of the van and into the main hall, it was terrifying to look at. It is amazing how much stuff you need for just one week. It took several hours to put everything away and set up the bed spaces and prepare the uniforms all before we had a supermarket delivery containing what seemed like half the supermarket!

It was an exhausting day and that's before we've really got started. I slept well last night knowing it was my last good night sleep for a week!

Now that everything is sorted and ready to go, we just need to wait for the girls to arrive and the real work begins.

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