Monday, 24 September 2018

Does Tilly believe in Father Christmas

Tilly is growing up fast. Its seems only yesterday she was a baby but now she has started year 4 at school and turning into a proper young lady.

Today while doing the school run, Tilly asked me why some people have started buying Christmas gifts and decorations already. I explained to her that Christmas can be expensive and sometimes people need to spread the cost over a longer period of time. She seemed to understand this and our talks of Christmas got me wondering if she still believes in father Christmas. I didn't want to ask her outright as if she still believed as I didn't want be the reason she starts to question Father Christmas's existence.

As if she was reading my mind Tilly then asked if Father Christmas was real. Not really sure what to say I said of course he is real. She said that father Christmas has never woken up her when delivering the gifts and you can normally hear when someone opens our door.

When she was younger, I had app on my phone that let you pick a time and choose from a list of pre-recorded messages and then Tilly would receive a phone call from Father Christmas telling her how well behaved she had been. It was brilliant way of rewarding her as Father Christmas would confirm she was on the nice list.

Because none of her friends had phone calls from Father Christmas Tilly started to think that I must work for him. A belief that we never corrected and it became a little joke within the family.

Tilly is a clever girl and I knew the day would come where she grew up and stop believing in father Christmas I think we may just about get this Christmas in before she doesn't believe at all. A part of me is glad she is growing up and learning about the world, but a part of me wants her to be a baby forever.

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