Monday, 3 September 2018

Taking the Brownies for Dinner

Last week I was away at Brownie Camp, we all loved it although there was a lot of work before. I don't envy our camp chef who had a lot to do not only before we went but while we were there. She made sure that we were all well feed so half way through the week we decided to give her a evening off and to take the girls out to dinner.

As with previous years, we decided to take the girls to a Toby Carvery near to where we were staying and so booked a table in advance.

I know you are probably thinking we are crazy, and sometimes I think we are as well, taking that many young children out to dinner. But the girls were fantastic and well so behaved.

When we arrived we were taken to our seats and we directed the girls where they were to sit. As we have done this many times before, we were able to quickly work out what the girls wanted to drink and as it was a carvery, we knew what they were going to eat.

Our waiter for the day was Ryan (I think that's what his name was) and he was very patient with the girls as we had some dilly dallying. Ryan was efficient in collecting our drinks and showing us were we needed to go.

We took a little girl who was lactose intolerant and Ryan knew off the top of his head what she could and couldn't eat as some of the vegetables had been topped with butter. He then got the chef to make a fresh batch of vegetables without the butter just for her. We were impressed and very grateful for the team for making more vegetables and for Ryan for organising everything.

Throughout dinner, the girls showed exemplary behaviour. We had one slight mishap with some flying gravy but they all ate nicely and used their manners. Although there were times when they needed to be reminded to use their indoor voices, they were good and several people spoke to us complementing the girls.

Obviously we all had room for ice cream. So up popped Ryan and we gave him our order. Again I was impressed with the efficiently of the staff for making and delivering so many ice creams with various sauces, so quickly.

Overall it was a really good evening out. I want to thank all the staff at the Toby Carvery for their patients and efficacy with the girls as well as the good quality food we all enjoyed.

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