Monday, 10 September 2018

The Shell Grotto in Margate

I live in Kent and although I think I know my local area, sometimes it still surprises me. One such incident happened a couple of weeks ago when we took the Brownies to the Shell Grotto in Margate. Before another leader suggested it, I had never heard of the Shell Grotto before and even after having it explained, I still didn't really know what to expect. 

The Shell Grotto is a set of underground tunnels where the walls are completely covered in shells. 4.6 million shells are used in pretty and interesting designs throughout the tunnels. I particularly liked the shells placed to make pretty heart and star shapes.

The Shell Grotto was discovered by accident in 1835 but nobody know when it was built. There are no written record of the Grottos existence before it was discovered and although there have been many theory's proposed about the Grottos original purpose, nobody knows for sure when, why or by whom the grotto was built. 

When we arrived, we were split into 2 groups as the grotto is quite narrow and given map and activity sheets for the children.

The Shell Grotto was amazing. The designs on the walls were spectacular and it must have taken months if not years to complete. Someone took so much time to plan out, locate and place all those shell and we have no idea why.

After we went into the grotto, we were able to look round the little shop selling reasonably price shell decorations and souvenirs. I was able to buy a bobble head turtle with 2 little bobble head turtles on her back. It was very cute.

The shop also had a little café and we brought all the brownies a milkshake. There were so many different flavours and they were even able to make a soya milkshake for the little girl with lactose intolerance.

I would definitely recommend the Shell Grotto to anyone. It only costs only £4 for an adult and £1.50 for a child or £8 for a family. For more information please visit their websites. here

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