Monday, 1 October 2018

Why im excited about the new Doctor Who Companions

As you may have guessed, I am a massive fan of Doctor Who. As a child I used to watch random episodes of Classic Who at my grandparents house and was overly excited by the news of its return in 2005.

I have loved watching all the different Doctors and companions with all their different quirks and personality traits. And although I am always sad to see a Doctor or companion go I am always excited about what the future comparators will bring.

This upcoming series, sees the first time the Doctor is female and that has been at the forefront of my mind. I have been so excited about the first female doctor I neglected to think about the companions. They were announced some time ago and although I laughed when I found out Bradley Walsh was joining the Tardis, I haven't really put too much thought into the companions.

That was until last week when they announced that one of the companions Ryan, has dyspraxia, a condition that I struggle with. 

As a child I was very clumsy. I walked into things and frequently dropped this. As a child my family just though I was a clumsy kid and would grow out of it, however as this continued into my adult life and friends started to comment on just how bad my co-ordination is which lead me to seek a medical diagnosis. I am always covered in cuts and bruises where I have walked into things and my friends say I need an ambulance on standby where ever I go!

Now I know that its not just me not paying enough attention or looking where I am going, there is actually something wrong with me. Its not my fault. I have found ways of coping and have accepted that I need more time to complete some activities. 

Knowing that Doctor Who will be covering the issue of dyspraxia is exciting. It will raise awareness of the disorder by showing some of the signs and symptoms and Show that it is OK to suffer from dysplasia. I shall be watching the new series this Sunday with excitement that now only is there a female doctor but also a companion like me.

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