Sunday, 7 October 2018

How to get ahead in social media

My name is Vicky and I blog at Miss Tilly And Me and Tillys Travelling Telegram, I have been a blogger for over 5 years and it almost becomes part of my life, sometimes if I don't blog, I get palpitations. My blog is my outlet for my rants and my happy times. Please pop over and take a look. Today though I am privileged to write a blog post about how to get ahead in social media.

Social media is a huge part of the internet now and we are all involved in some way. Whether you have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Maybe you're a blogger like me and you use social media for work. But it's here and is here to stay! There is some form of etiquette to follow though when you use social media, after all, it would be so easy to annoy people with the things that you post. Hopefully, these tips will help you get ahead in social media.

Listen to your audience and interact with them, if they start a conversation with you carry on the conversation because this will help your social media channel be seen by many thousands of other people.

Be passionate about your social media channel because this is your own space on the internet and this is where you write about yourself your feelings and the world around you. Don't feel like you have to change your social media outlet for other people. 

Be yourself because nobody wants to see a fake personality on social media especially if they eventually get to meet you and realise you're not who you have been portraying. write about anything that you want to write about whether it's from the fact that you've only just got out of bed or the fact that you ran 15 miles because your followers will be interested.

Be proud of your social media channel because this reflects who you are and what you do in your life, your social media channel is an extension of you or your blog. You might not be happy with any videos or photographs that you upload but stop finding faults in them and be proud of what you're doing because although you might see flaws in them, others won't.

Keep up to date with trends, you might not follow them because you don't like them. You might want to set your Instagram to a certain theme. Find out what the latest craze is on social media what the latest toys are, or the latest fashion. All of this can help you get a successful following and interaction on your social media.

Ignore any negative or nasty comments on your social media because these people are any happy in life when they're upset in others they are basically just trolls they troll the troll the internet looking for people they can pick on and bully. I have been tried before buy my ex-husband's family on blog posts. Don't ever argue back with them because you'll never win they just want to hurt people as much as they can. Negative comments can hurt you so much and play on your mind for ages.

Don't copy other people, I have seen a blogger copying other bloggers blogs and social media, you will get caught out and you're not using your own voice. Be yourself and not someone else.

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