Monday, 12 November 2018

What To Buy My Mum For Chrstmas

So as we reach the middle of November, Halloween is fully behind us and we are quickly hurling towards Christmas. In the blink of an eye the shops have put up Christmas stock, Christmas adverts are on TV and shops are playing Christmas music. Its got me in the festive spirit.

As a result, I have started my Christmas shopping and realised just how hard it is too buy for my mum. My sister is really easy to buy for, at 8 she wants half the Argos catalogue! She is always seeing something on TV or in a shop that she wants. However she especially wants Lego which is easy to get hold of and gives a large variety of options.

My brother is a typical lad and would be happy with anything with either an insult or a swear word on it! If all else fails my brother would love beer!

But my mum however is very difficult to buy for as there is nothing she really wants and nothing she really needs. I frequently browse Amazon, eBay and other website to try and find something unique that she would want. 

She goes on holiday with her friends every year and I normally buy her some currency but I feel that I need something more as is a bit of a naff present and doesn't show much thought.

As she is such an amazing person and the best mum in the world, I wish I could buy her the world but sadly I cant. What makes it worse is that mums birthday is at the end of November so I need twice as many presents. I get excited that I find something she will like but then give it to her for her birthday and then I am back as square one by early December.

So I shall be spending the next few weeks browsing the shops and internet looking for the perfect gift. Any suggestions?

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