Friday, 14 December 2018

Home Bar Drinks Dispenser.

Christmas is literally just around the corner and as usual I am running around like a headless chicken making sure have everything that I need for the big day. There are so many little extras that I have found to make the day a little easier and more fun.

A was asked to review an item that I feel will definitely make our Christmas easier. This Home Bar Drinks Dispenser aims to make pour a glass of your favourite tipple easier and more fun.

The Home Bar Drinks Dispenser is designed to fit most bottles, so it should fit if your choice of beverage has a unique shaped bottle. This Home Bar Drinks Dispenser can only be used on glass bottles however so can’t be used for soft drinks.  

I decided to test the Home Bar Drinks Dispenser on a bottle of wine. The Home Bar Drinks Dispenser was easy to ensemble as it only had a few parts. The box included picture instructions that were easy to follow.

Once I had set it up I had fun with the white board sign. I liked this extra feature as you are able to either add a festive message or name your alcohol.

I really like that the box contains a few straws rather then just one. This means we are able to change the bottle if it ran out without having to faff about washing up. 

Have a Home Bar Drinks Dispenser at home means that come Christmas Day we can insert a bottle of wine to make it easier to refill a glass during the day.

The Home Bar Drinks Dispenser seems very steady. It is relatively small and I was slightly nervous that the weight of a full bottle may easily tip over. However I was presently surprised by how steady the it all was even when pouring myself a drink.

Although I like the idea of using the Home Bar Drinks Dispenser as part of my Christmas drinks bar, I feel this would make a good gift idea as well. 

Overall I really like Home Bar Drinks Dispenser and I would definitely recommend it. It is something that I feel would be reused and appreciated throughout the year. The Home Bar Drinks Dispenser costs around £10 and can be brought from many places including here

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