Monday, 17 December 2018

Star Wars TIE Fighter Lamp review.

I am a geek and as a result I can be difficult to buy for. Although I say I will like anything related to Doctor Who, Super Heroes or Star Wars, that is still a very open idea. I have been asked to review a Star Wars TIE Fighter poseable lamp to show an example of what sort of thing you should buy a geek.

I got very excited when I spotted the Star Wars logo and couldn't wait to open it. I liked the design of the box as it was black with a clear full length picture of the lamp on the front. It also had enlarged pictures of the TIE fighter on the back to show the lamp in more detail. I opened the box to find the lamp was well protected with a lot of cardboard and packaging holding everything in place. This meant I didn't have to worry about any potential damage to the lamp.

I was a little worried t first because I looked like the lamp came in several piece and I was worried I would have to spend ages putting it together. However I have nothing to fear as all I needed to do was add the base and attach some springs. How everything attached together was very simple and although the lamp came with easy to follow picture instructions, it was so simple that I was able to put it together without using them! When completed the lamp stands at approximately 60cms tall.

I was pleased to find the base of the lamp was heavy meaning that the lamp was very steady and didn't move even when I changed the position of lamp. I was therefore I had no fear of accidentally knocking over the lamp when reaching for something else on my bedside table.

I like that the lamp is very detailed. The designers have put a lot of thought into making the lamp an exact replica of a TIE Fighter.

The light of the lamp is not the brightest lamp, the wings of the TIE fighter defect the light a little however this didn't effect my ability to read in bed and if I did need more light, I could change the angle of the lamp.

Overall I really loved this lamp and would definitely recommend it. These lamp retail for approximately £40 and are sold on many online sites such as Amazon. May the force be with you.

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