Sunday, 13 January 2019

Back to Brownies

Last week it was back to school which also meant back to Brownies. As normal, the first meeting back in a new term is a very chilled out meeting. We normally spend the time playing games and asking the girls what they want to do this term so we can plan the next 12 or so weeks of meetings. We like to ease the girls (and us) back into a routine.

This week however we mixed it up a little as this is the term we plan on fully implementing the new Girl Guiding programme. We had dabbled a bit with the new programme last term, we fitted a few of the new activities into meetings we had already planned just to see how they worked and how my girls got on with them. One of the criticisms of the new programme is that the suggested timings for each activity are not very accurate and I wanted to see how much more time I may need to allocate per activity.

After welcoming everyone back and playing a game, we sat the girls down to discuss exactly what the new programme entails and what they would be working towards. Another leader had done a PowerPoint presentation explaining everything in a simple way for the girls. We were able to show them pictures of the badges they could earn. My girls seem to really love their badges and it was nice to show them the different badges they could get

We through quite a bit of information at them but I think they seemed to understand the basics and all seemed to have ideas about what they aspects of the programme they wanted to do. A second criticisms of the new programme is that the interest badges now have to be done at home and there is no time to do them in meeting anymore. My girls however seemed excited about the new badges and we have brought each of them a new badge book. They seem enthusiastic about doing them and time will tell if they do complete them.

Overall it was a good first week back and in between the excitement and general Brownie craziness, we were able to prepare the girls for what is to come and find out what direction the girls feel like going this term to help us fully plan this term.

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