Thursday, 3 January 2019

My New Years Resolution.

I don’t normally do New Years resolutions. Every year I think about making New Years resolutions but quickly realised I am rubbish at keeping them. I have very little willpower and normally within a few weeks I have either given up or completely forgotten.

This year however, I have decided on a new years resolution I am going to try to stick to. This year I am going to be more positive.

I am not an overly negative person, I can normally set the good in things. However I can very easily fall into bad mood. If someone does something to make me smile, I normally smile but then soon forget about it and get on with my day. However if someone or something upsets me I will be in a bad mood all day. In my mind is positive action very rarely outward a negative thought.

So this year I am going to try to focus more on the positive moment and less on the negative ones.

Every night before I go to bed I am going to Write down a note of one positive thing that has happened to me that day. It can anything from a big day out with friendt or family to something small such as a television show I enjoyed or a joke that made me laugh.

The idea is that there will never be a day where nothing positive happened and nothing made me smile. Even if I have a really bad day, I will be focusing on the good moments.

I have got a old tub to put in my daily notes and on New Year’s Eve 2019 I will open all my notes and read through the positive moments of 2019. Reminding me of the jokes that made me smile and the things that I may have otherwise forgotten.

Hopefully I will stick to this New Years resolutions and so I can end each day with happy moments and hopefully also end 2019 happy.

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