Monday, 21 January 2019

My Top 7

I have been nominated by Vicky over at Miss Tilly and me to take part in the top 7 tag. Here I will look at my top 7 blog post of 2019, top 7 things I loved about 2018 and 7 things I am looking forward to in 2019. overall 2018 was a good year, and I am hoping 2019 will be just as awesome.

My top 7 blog posts.

I loved writing this blog post because it was so easy to write. Me and Tilly had such a fun day out doing something we don't normally do so it was easy to write about all the fun we had and looking back it reminds me of the fantastic day.

I loved writing this blog post as I was able to get my geek on. because I love writing about all things Who related, I found this blog post easy to write and I love writing about Doctor Who because it links in with my blog name and when people visit my blog, they expect to see a geek. I also enjoyed writing about the companions as everyone had a focus and Jodie Whittaker and sometimes it the companions and their development that can make or break a series.

Fathers Day

Honestly I struggled writing this post. I am the kind of person to bottle up emotions and I don't really talk about my dad to anyone. I wasn't sure I wanted the world to know what was going on. However I didn't realise how much talking about my dad would help until I had wrote it and now I am so glad I did.

Tilly's Favourite Doctor Who Episode

Tilly wrote most of this blog post I just helped with the editing and adding pictures. however it has made it into my top 7 as I really enjoyed working with her on it. I always talk about my favourite Doctor, companions and episodes but it was nice to hear her favourites for a change. It also helped that I approved of her choice!

I wrote this blog post to celebrate the birthday of one of my best friends. I wanted her to know just how much she means to me and how much she has been there for me. she messaged me to say thank you and to say this post made her cry (which was not my intention!). It is one of my top 7 as it gave me a chance to express my thanks to her.

The View from the Shard

I loved writing this post because it was a fantastic experience. I had wanted to go up The Shard for years and so jumped at the opportunity to go up and have a look at the fantastic view. I had so many fantastic photographs of London landmarks  it was difficult to know what ones to use.

Being Leader in Charge at Brownies

This made me really happy and proud to write this blog post. I had been left as leader in charge for a couple of Brownie meetings as our Brown Owl was ill. I was so proud that I had confidently run a whole meeting. It really boosted my confidence not only as a Brownie leader but as a person as well.

7 things I loved about last year. 

Over the last year I grew in confidence as a person. I have never been an overly confident person and I am still quite shy and quiet but I think I have developed as a person and can stand up for myself more.

Last year I loved that we welcomed the first female Doctor in Doctor Who. I think Jodie Whittaker is awesome and  really loved watching series 11 and her spin on the character. I also loved the companions particularly Bradley Walsh's character.

I love how I have developed as a leader in my Brownie unit. I was leader in charge for a few meetings earlier on in the year and in September I represented  my unit at a county event. previously I had gone and I followed my Brown owl around like a lost sheep! this year however she was unable to make it and I had to speak up for my unit, which I did successfully.

Last year I also loved how much happier I had been. I spent 2017 and the beginning of 2018 on antidepressants but early 2018, after some time seeing a counsellor , I came off the tablets and haven't felt like I had needed them since.

In 2018 I saved a life. When I walked passed a man as he slit his wrists, my first aid training kicked in and I was able to help him until an ambulance arrived. although it upset  me that someone would try to take their own life, I loved how I was able to react and help rather then be one of the people who stood by and watched.

I travel to London a lot and one of the things I loved was watch was the building  of the Shard. Every time we went too London I would see how much more was done. So I loved finally getting the chance to go up to the top of the Shard in 2018. I got some awesome pictures of the view and its something I want to do again.

Matilda has really bad dyslexia and really struggles with her reading and writing. Last year however she seemed to had a boost of confidence and her reading has really come on. She chose to read more and has even wanted to help with writing blog posts. I  am so proud with how much she improved over 2018 and will encourage her to keep going.

7 Things To Look Forward To This Year.

This year I am looking forward to extending my role in Girl Guiding. In October I will celebrate the fact that I have been volunteering with the Brownies for 10 years. this year I also hope to finish my leadership qualification and we have started the preparation for opening a new Rainbow unit in my area which I will be in charge of.

This year I hope to develop my confidence as a blogger. I often worry that I am being boring or pointless and I hope 2019 will bring me more inspiration and more belief in myself.

This year I also hope to develop my blog and therefore I am looking forward to developing a relationship with both other bloggers and companies.

I am looking forward to spending time with my family. me and my mum have a day out planned where we will visit the Shard and go for a nice lunch. Me and my sister have planned some more time together. I am looking forward to spending quality time rather then just having a brief chat between work and school hours.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Rugby. 2019 will see the Rigby World Cup I support England but will cheer on any of the home nations. luckily I don't have to wait till the autumn, as the 6 nations is back in a couple of weeks.

Sadly there will be no more Doctor Who in 2019 but imi looking forward to the release of Star Wars: Episode 9. Although we don't have an official title yet, a release date has been announced as 19th December. I may treat myself to a pre Christmas treat.

I am very excited be more crafty. For Christmas I was given a sowing machine and lots of craft equipment. Before Christmas I had never used a sowing machine before and so I am not very good at using it.  However in 2019 I am looked forward to improving my skills and possibly even making some clothes.

These are the things that I am looking forward to but what are you excited for?

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