Friday, 15 February 2019

Helping at the School Cake Sale.

A few weeks ago my mum went to a PTA meeting at Matilda’s school. Sadly I couldn’t attend because of work but I soon got a text telling me she had volunteered me to help on the upcoming cake sale!

Luckily she reminded me the day before but I turned up to Matilda’s school 30 mins before the end of the day with a pack of cake I had brought from the local shop on the way.

When I got to the school there was a lot of setting up to do. It wasn’t just a cake sale but a hot dog sale as well as an old school uniform sale. The school is quite lucky as a lot of donations are given. We had 2 tables of old school uniform to sell as well as 2 tables of cakes.

I was quickly put to work on the cake stand sorting out cakes into price categories.

Because I was helping on the cake stand, I got first pick of cakes. As the cakes do sell quite fast and the best ones would be gone by the time Matilda got here as she was coming from a different play ground.

I picked some homemade cakes that were really pretty. Luckily I got them when I did as they had gone before the school had even let the children out as many parents came to buy cakes before collecting children.

In about 20 minutes we sold out of cakes and sold about 90 hot dogs. I’m not sure how much uniform we sold but I did see some people looking around the uniform.

I don’t know how much we made overall but I was a successful day and the PTA do a lot of fundraising that they were able to pay for all the children in the school to go to the local theatre to watch the Pantomime so I really don’t mind helping out knowing the money will go towards helping the children.

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