Monday, 18 March 2019

Matilda's Birthday

It has been a busy weekend this week as a special someone celebrated her 9th birthday.

Matilda’s birthday was on the Saturday and we decided to go out for lunch as a family. We went to our local Wetherspoons as it is cheap and cheerful.

After ordering our main meals mum decided we need to play the spoons game. This is where you write on social media the Wetherspoons you are in and your table number and people can order you food and drinks through the app. It’s a fun game because people were able to treat Matilda to a birthday treat and we don’t know what’s coming!

We had a lot of fun as many of our friends and family joined in. We had extra chips and a few puddings, we even had hot chocolates that had been sent from my brother in Holland. The poor staff kept having to come over to our table with just one dish, I think they were glad when we left!

As I had been working all morning, Matilda didn’t want to open her presents from me until I was home so she was excited to get home! I had brought her a giant Lego storage box to keep her Lego in and a fitness bracelet. She has wanted a Fitbit for a long time but I am worried she wouldn’t look after it so I got a cheaper version but she loved it and keeps telling everyone about her step count.

On the Sunday was her party. She had decided she wanted a pamper party so invited a few of her friends over. The girls enjoyed a foot mask and then a face mask. One little girl has put quite a bit on her face and we really had to scrub to get it off. I was worried we would have to send her home looking like Shrek!

After that the girls had their hair done nicely with glitter and so glittery tattoos put on their arms. They looked like little princesses.

We had some party food and some games before sending the girls home with a goodie bag that looked expensive as had thing like make up, girly bubble baths and perfume samples in. In reality they were all brought over the years when they were reduced or on offer. Each goody bag only cost about £2.

Overall Matilda had a fantastic birthday weekend and was spoilt rotten. Now we just wait for my birthday in May.

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