Monday, 8 April 2019

Planning our Brownie Holiday

My Brownie group have started planning for our annual Brownie Holiday. 

This is a chance for girls to experience being a Brownie for a week as well as starting to learn life skills and as well as to learning to take more responsibility. We notice that girls who come away from us develop so much over the week they are with. 

Last year we were lucky that a high majority of the children that wanted to come were older, experienced girls which meant that we spent less time explaining the programme and how we roll as so many had done it all before and they helped the few younger ones that hadn’t.  

However now we face a problems as most of our girls decide to come based on word of mouth as the girls come back bragging about how brilliant the holiday was, but as our older girls have now moved up to guides, we don’t have the returning girls to promote it and encourage others to go. Normally about half the girls we take have been before, however this year we will have only 4 returners. 

Because of this we decided to hold a Brownie holiday evening. Where parents and Brownies could come along to fine out more information. We gave a little presentation about what Brownie holiday is all about. They could also see photos from last year, examples of uniform and he held a question and answer section where the girls with experience answered questions from both parents and Brownies. 

We are hoping that this evening will allow parents to see what happens on Brownie holiday and spark some excitement and enthusiasm for the Holiday. 

We currently don’t have enough girls signed up to make the holiday financially viable but we are hoping people are taking the Easter holiday to decide. I can imagine that when we sent out a reminder email just before we come back, we will get a few last minute parents wanting their daughter to go.  

Once we know how many girls we will have we can start the real planning which is were the hard work begins!  

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