Monday, 29 April 2019

Thank you ASDA

My Brownie group is not run for profit. We set the cost of subs based on our outgoings such as hire of the hall, cost of badges and cost of supplies. We try to go for cheaper versions of crafts using Poundland goods or buying bits when we see them on offer. In the 15 years since I was a Brownie the weekly cost has gone up by only 50p (although we may need to increase the subs in September).

The same approach is taken to Brownie holiday. We charge only what we have too. Although it has steadily increase over the years, it has only gone up about £75 since I went 15 years ago. I think it is fantastic value. We go for a week and the girls go swimming, shopping, a day out to a local museum or attraction as well as lots of arts and crafts. The girls also get well fed and we supply uniform for the week. If we have any money left over we invest it in uniform or equipment for future holidays.

Every few years we have an issue with funding. We seem to have a few years were nothing need replacing then suddenly everything needs replacing! We worry able raising the cost too much suddenly as we worry about pricing some girls out of the holiday.

This year one of my Brownie parents nominated us to the ASDA foundation. Our local ASDA store put us up on their charity board and shoppers were encouraged to vote, using a token, for their favourite charity. My team encouraged everyone they knew to shop at ASDA to vote for us and we ending up coming 2nd. As a result we have received a donation of £200. Although this may not seen much it will make a huge difference to us.

The girls holiday uniform currently consists of 3 tops, 2 jumpers and 2 pairs of shorts. We have a few spares but worry about them getting too dirty as the uniform isn't able to be washed until we get home so marks are more likely to stain. This £200 is possibly going to go to buying some spare uniform or buying them each a pair of leggings. As although we go in late august we worry about a the unpredictability of the British weather.  Alternatively this £200 could go toward funding a girls who parents are struggling to cover the cost of the holiday.

Me and the Brownies would like to say a massive thank you to ASDA and specifically to our local store who have made this donation. It means that a little pressure is lifted as we know we have extra money and all the money from parents can go towards giving the Brownies a fantastic holiday.

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