Monday, 6 May 2019

I have had my cut!

For the last few years I have been growing out my hair. I loved having long hair and was reluctant to cut it however this week it has all come off. 

I have been growing it out for a few years always finding an excuse to cut it. Then last year the daughter of a friend of mine cut off her hair and donated it to The Little Princess  Trust. They make wigs for children and young people who have lost hair due to illness. I thought it was a brilliant and caring thing to do. My hair is very thick and so would be perfect for them. 

At the time, my hair was just about the minimum length they accept but  the longer the hair the better. So I decided to grow it longer. 

My plan was to set up a Donation page to raise some money for The Little Princess Trust. However I continued to make excuses for not cutting my hair. ‘People won’t be able to donate money so soon after Christmas’ or ‘ I will let it grow another inch’.

As the weeks turned into months, the chances of me going through with it decreased. 

Suddenly my friend who studying hair dressing in college told me needed more people to come into her college to practice her hair cutting.  

She said she could just cut off the ends and neaten it up to allow me to keep the length however I realised this could be the push I need. If I am having it cut, why not go all the way.  As I only had a few days to prepare, I had no time to talk myself out of it. 

So I nervously turned up to the college will my long hair and took my place in the hair dressing chair. 

Everyone was shocked when I told them how much was coming off.  When word spread of what i was doing, a small crowd formed to watch. 

A few minutes later, my head was suddenly so much lighter!  14 inches was cut off and sent to the Little Princess Trust.

I half expected to be upset, I had warned my friend that I was emotionally attached to my hair and might be in a bad mood after but actually I really liked it. My friend did a really good job and It helped that the people around said how good it looked and how what I was doing was brilliant.  

Now I will probably start growing it out again and hopefully I can donate more in a few years.  

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