Monday, 17 June 2019

Starting my Leadership Qualification

I have been volunteering for Girlguiding now for almost 10 years and I have finally started the adult leadership qualification. 

When I started volunteering for Girlguiding and joined the Brownie group that I attended as a child, I only joined to get some volunteering under my belt in order to help get into university and help with my CV.  

As I was only 17 at the time, I was classed as a young leader and therefore had a limited amount of jobs and responsibilities. I would turn up every week and help out whichever adult was doing the most difficult craft. 

After 8 months of volunteering, i celebrated my 18th birthday and decided to stay on as an adult leader. I really enjoy volunteering with The Brownies and although leaders have come and gone, I have stayed on. Overtime I have gained more responsibilities and with that more confidence in my ability to run the pack.

Recently my leader in charge has started talking about retirement. She said it is still a few years away but wants to make sure that there is someone to run the pack after her so I need to have my leadership qualification. 

Me and my leader in charge have gone thought the workbook and it seems really easy as I have already done most if not all of what is needed due to me being a volunteer for so long. I just need to find my certificates and collect evidence to submit. 

Hopefully I will have this finished by the end of the year and be ready to set up a new Rainbow group in January.

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