Friday, 28 June 2019

Who doesn’t love camping.

When I was a child we would go camping all the time. It was a cheap and cheerful holiday and although we all had a good time, part of me was glad when Matilda arrived and camping became impractical.

As we had no car in the household anything we wanted to take we had to carry. We would buy cheap clothes from charity shops before we left so that we could throw them away once we had worn then to make space for souvenirs. The clothes weren’t always the latest fashion and some of them I certainly wouldn’t have brought for myself but as mum always said “I doesn’t matter, no one will know you”!

When I was 11, we went backpacking around Ireland. We spent 2 weeks with just a tent and a backpack (when I say backpack I mean a bag almost as big as me)! I loved the idea of going to a different town every few days and Ireland is a brilliant country.

After Ireland we backpacked around Europe. And although there were a few hiccups (like when we didn’t pitch the tent correctly and it leaked overnight. I woke up thinking I was in a swimming pool). It was a good holiday.

Over the last few years, camping has become popular again with the introduction of glamping. Camping but with a more glamorous side particularly popular with festival goers.

To get more people into the spirit of festival glamping I have teamed up with Miss Tilly and me to run a competition to win some glamping supplies. 

You could win some Colourful hair chalk, A 2 pack of ponchos (as sadly we can’t provide sunshine),
Glittery hair spray, 3 packs of face and body gems, Nail varnish and some battery operated Lights.
For a chance to win this festival bundle please enter the rafflecopter competition below. Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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