Monday, 15 July 2019

A Year with the New Brownie programme

Where has the year gone? It seems like I have blinked and suddenly we are in July! How? This means it’s been a year since the new Girlguiding programme has been introduced. 

I was a little sceptical at first when this new programme was introduced. In comparison to the old programme, this one seemed a lot more regimented and almost school like. I know there had been complaints that the old Brownie programme was a little unstructured and a little airy fairy but this one seems a little too regimented. 

We started the new programme in September but it was a bit of hit and miss. We only had limited resources and were still struggling to understand how to implement it. We didn’t worry however as we had a year before the new programme became compulsory so we had time for a bit of trial and error.

By January we had had more training on the new programme, more resources and understood it so we were able to implement it better. 

We gave the girls a talk about what the new programme is all about. Although I’m not really sure how much they actually understood. It’s a lot to take it for an adult let alon
e a 9 year old.

So after 7 months of the new programme I now feel the programme is working. Although there seems to be a lot more planning and we seem to be buying a lot more supplies. The girls seem to be loving it.

This programme has lots more opportunities to earn badges. Some can be earned for completing a few specific activities in a particular theme over a couple of weeks while others are earned from a doing a larger range of activities over a longer period of time. Almost every week the girls are doing something that is working towards a badge. This term we focused on first aid but also ran activities about a range of themes including money, safety, history and we all had fun and built bug hotels.

Due to lack of communication and leaders on holiday, we never gave out badges when we broke up at Easter and as a result had 6 months of badges to hand out when we broke up for summer. I have 25 girls and between them they earned 86 badges! Every girl earned at least one with some gaining 6 or 7. Not only are they excited that they have a badge but they have learnt practical skills they may need in life.

The best thing about this new programme is that it is the same for all sections. When my Brownies move up to Guides they will follow the same programme with the same types of activities just at a slightly harder level.

Overall the new programme is working well and although I’m still not convinced it needed changing, the girls are loving it and having fun and surely, that’s the most important thing.

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