Friday, 30 August 2019

Taking the Brownies to Wildwood

During our Brownie Holiday we took the girls to Wildwood. This is a wildlife park based in Herne Bay that only includes animals native to Britain. We got to see many animals including wolves, foxes, squirrels and owls.

We turned up at 10am and as we had booked in advance we were able to go in through the members entrance. We headed straight for the adventure play ground as we wanted to go on the drop slide and had been told that the drop slide could get busy. The drop slide is a 26ft vertical drop which levels out as a slide. It is a fast, high adrenalin slide.

The slide wasn't open yet so we let the girls have some fun in playground. When the drop slide opened we lined the Brownies up and told them they could either go up or sit and watch. We had 5 girl immediately say yes.

Our Brown Owl went at the top with the Brownies and I stood at the bottom taking photos and cheering the girls on. As it didn't get as busy as we expected the girls where able to just keep going down again and again. After a couple of goes, more of the Brownies decided they wanted a go. A few of the girls got to the top, realised how high it was and changed their minds a few times. One little girl had a bit of a panic attack at the top and burst into tears. After a hug and watching her friends go down she faced her fear and went for it. I was so proud of her. I was proud of all our Brownies of the 14 we took, 10 went for it. Those that didn't want to sat and cheered at the bottoms. They really supported their friends, offering high fives and congratulations at the bottom.

After about an hour and a half the Brownies had each had a few goes, we decided to go for lunch so I said I wanted to do the slide. When I reached the top I made the mistake of looking down. I suddenly started shaking and thought hell no. I went to sit on the bar but changed my mind and got off. It was then that the Brownies spotted me and started chanting my name. If I wasn't being watched by my brownies I would have just walked back down the stairs but I knew they had faced their fears so I had to as well. I finally went for it and was ridiculously proud of myself. Its not something I would do again but I can claim I have done it.

After some lunch we spent the afternoon looking around the animals. We were able to watch the keeper feeding the otters and he spoken a bit about them. Only one of the otters wanted to come out and play. His name was Loki and as his keeper was feeding him, we were able to get some fantastic pictures and videos. Otters are my favourite animal so I was really pleased to be able to learn more about them.

After the otters we did a trail that let us see many different animals. The Brownies loved reading the information sheets about the animals. We were able to go on a walkway above the bear enclosure. This was quite scary as it was about 20feet in the air and wobbled when we walked on it, however it meant we were able to get better views of the bears where ever they were.

Overall the girls loved going to Wildwood. They all got excited when they spotted the different animals and loved the adventure playground.

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