Friday, 6 September 2019

Always Keep an Eye on Your Underwear

Last week we had some very warm weather. It had previously been starting to get more chillier as we came into autumn but we suddenly have a very hot few days

As a result, my mum decided to open her window wide open. As the autumnal weather returned she closed her window but failed to check if anything had fallen out the window!

The next day Matilda was playing outside with the local children she suddenly came running in saying mums clothes were all over the roof. I went out to see what she was on about and there was a pile of mums clothes on the roof of the porch which sits just underneath her bedroom window. It was a pile of clean laundry and we think it had blown off her wardrobe.

Matilda was ready to get the broom and try to pull them down. I realised that a broom wouldn’t reach and someone would have to lean out the window and push the laundry down. I decided to wait for mum to come home as I wanted another adult to be there if something were to go wrong.

When mum arrived home Matilda was eager to inform her of our situation. After a good giggle, I went up with the broom and lent out the window. Mum and Matilda decided to stay in the garden and catch the laundry. We must have looked like quite a sight!

On my first attempt I missed the laundry and dropped the broom. Matilda then brought it back up for me to try again. My second attempt was more successful as I managed to move the laundry closer to the edge of the roof. However it was at this stage when we realised some of mums underwater were in the pile of laundry and was now on the top of the pile meaning that mum was flashing her underwear to all our neighbours. This just brought on more giggling and everyone was glad it was late and no one else was outside to see.

My 3rd attempt, I had to flick the laundry up as I was terrified it would end up in the guttering and that would cause more trouble. But I managed to get the laundry down and mum was able to take her underwear inside.

Next time mum opens her window we will check nothing has fallen out!

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