Monday, 30 September 2019

Have you played Gutterhead?

In the last few years board games that are aimed for a more adult audience have become more and more popular. I don't normally play these games as in our house we tend to play more family based games but I have recently been introduced to an adult board game I have enjoyed called Gutterhead.

Gutterhead is an adult party game perfect for dinner parties, hen nights or during pre-drinks to help get everyone in the party mood.

Gutterhead is similar to Pictionary as teams take it in turns to pick a card from a pile of cards without telling or showing anyone what is written on the card. You then have to draw what is on the card and everyone has to guess what it is. The first team to guess what has been drawn gets the point. Except unlike Pictionary, these cards contain rude and filthy words and phrases that you have to draw.

This Gutterhead is a board game and players follow the board by rolling the dice and picking up a card which is coloured based on what colour hexagon you land on. Blue cards have a place or person on, purple cards have an object on, pink cards have an action on and orange cards have a feeling or sensation on them. So there are a range of different things you have to draw. There are 240 different cards and you will have to play several times before you get cards repeated.

The game has 2 routes to play. You can either play the 'quickie route' or the 'marathon route' which means you can make the game last as long or as short as you want. Alternatively there is no reason you can't shuffle all the cards together and play without the board by just taking the top card.

I cant draw to save my life and my ability certainly doesn't get any better when you add alcohol to the mix but this only seems to make the game funnier.

I would definitely recommend Gutterhead to anyone who is having a party this festive season as what is Christmas without board games.

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