Monday, 21 October 2019

Halloween at London Zoo

This weekend me and Matilda had an early start as we visited London Zoo. The zoo opens at 10am so we decided to get there for 10:30 and armed with our map we headed into the zoo. 

We decided to start at the penguins as they are cute. We loved watching the swim and waddle around. we then headed towards the bugs. Matilda was a little nervous about the bugs as she hates spiders but she went into the room which had spiders roaming free (only after I reassured her they weren’t dangerous). 

Outside the bugs, London Zoo have made their own pumpkin patch. They had loads of pumpkins and had made their very own scarecrow in London Zoo keepers uniform. It looked very awesome. Matilda loved having her picture taken with the pumpkins. 

When we walked away, we found a classroom with a mask making activities. Matilda was given a bat mask and she was able to sit on a table with many colours to design her mask. She was unsure her design at first, but there was many pictures of bats on the walls so she was able to get inspiration from real bats. 

We spent the next few hours looking all the animals. I loved reading the sign posts with information about the animals such as their habitat and diet and both loved finding out the names of the animals. 

Matilda particularly enjoyed visiting the goats because she was able to go into the enclosure and pet them. We then met an incredibly social alpaca who came right up to the edge of his enclosure making it a perfect photo opportunity. 

After a spot of lunch we spent more time looking at the animals. We looked at the tigers, monkeys, gorillas and lizards to name a few. Matilda fell in love with the wallaby.  

We saved our favourite animals till last. After we had seen everything else, we headed to the Africa section. Where we were able to see the giraffes, zebras and hippos. We made it to the wild dog just as they were being fed. Matilda loved watching them fight over a large piece of meat. She was in fits of giggles when one of the wild dogs pulled the meat of its rope and ran away with in leaving all the others to chase after him. 

We finally reached my favourite animal. The otters. They were having a good run around and having fun and we spent sometime just watching them. They had some pumpkins into their enclosure to fit with the season. 

We and Matilda had a fantastic day at London Zoo. We would definitely recommend a visit. If you visit soon don’t forget to get your photo taken at the pumpkin patch and make yourself a bat mask. 

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