Monday, 7 October 2019

Is it time for secondary school already?

 It seems like only yesterday when Matilda was a baby. I remember walking Matilda to school for her first day and now we are looking at secondary schools. Where has the time gone? 

At the beginning of term, Matilda’s school sent home a leaflet detailing what we have to do in the transition to secondary school. However we spoke her teacher thinking they had sent it to her by mistake as she is only year 5. However we were terrified to find out that it wasn’t a mistake and we need to start looking into it now. 

After a few weeks of denying we needed to do anything we finally took the plunge and starting researching local secondary schools. 

Some of the local secondary schools are doing tours at the moment so we booked onto a tour at the nearest secondary school. It is a newish school so we didn’t really know much about it but wanted to get a sense of the place. 

When we arrived, I think Matilda was a little intimidated. It was a lot bigger than her primary school. We toured around the school and she started to see people who she knew so started to be a little more confident. She seemed to like the school and enjoyed how much more equipment they had in their music department. 

There was other children on the tour and they all seemed so much bigger then Matilda. I do understand that some of them are in the year above Matilda and she is a little on the shorter side in comparison to her class mates but it seemed like she is too small to move up.  

There are some good secondary schools in my area and so over the next several months we need to really think which one is the best option for Matilda.  

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