Monday, 25 November 2019

When should a child walk to school alone?

Matilda is in year 5. She is really starting to grow and wants more independence. One of the things that has been mentioned is her starting to walk to and from school by herself.

We live just under a mile from Matilda’s school and it normally takes about 15/20 mins to walk it. No matter what route we take, there will always be multiple roads to cross. Although the busy road does have a lolly pop lady.

Me and mum have agreed that maybe right now she is too young to walk alone. Maybe in the summer term, we can arrange for her to walk home with a friend as she has a friend who lives about half way so would only be walking alone for half the journey. Matilda seemed happy with this and the conversation moved on. 

However a couple of weeks later I was shocked to find another little girls scootering to school by her self. This little girl is one of my Brownies so I know that she is just over a year younger then Matilda. 

At first she came up and spoke to me and Matilda, I thought nothing of it and she scootered on ahead. It was only when she took a corner too quickly and fell off her scooter that I realised no one was coming to help. No other parents were around and she was on her own. 

After helping her up and reminding her she should be wearing I helmet, she seemed ok so carried on to school. I was quite concerned however as I feel 8 is too young to be walking to school on your own. 

When I reached the school the headteacher was there to meet the children at the gate so I had a word with her. She said that she would send out letters but there was very little they could do.  

I am just being over protective of Matilda? She is a sensible girl and I trust her, I just don’t trust the world around her. What age would you say was ok for a child to walk to school on her own? 

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