Monday, 11 November 2019

Joining GirlGuiding

This month marks the 10th anniversary of me joining Girl Guiding. I joined Girl Guiding on the 5th November 2009 and over the last decade I have really grown as a person thanks to my volunteering. 

When I first started, I was a nervous 17 year old who just needed something more to add to her university application. I walked into the room full of energetic 7-10 year olds I was terrified. They were so noisy I was tempted to turn around and walk out!

A warm smile from my childhood Brown Owl welcomed me into the hall and she explained what would be needed of me. As the meeting went on I was surprised that I seemed to remember all the songs. I was introduced to all the girls and they chose my name ‘Otter’. I don’t mind the name otter it was better then some of the other options they put forward!

During the first few meetings I was nervous, as I didn’t have any experience working with children. On one occasion a Brownie was hurt as she fell over a ball. She was in tears and I didn’t really know how to reassure her. Luckily Brown Owl was watching and made everything better in seconds.

Over the years I have slowly grown more and more confident as a person. My responsibilities have increased and over the last year I have been temporary leader in charge as our Brown Owl has been on holiday. Now I am ready to deal with any pickles the girls seem to find themselves in.

Everyone also says that clubs like Brownies and Scouts are amazing for the children that attend. That these children develop skills that help later in life. However no one ever mentions how much Girl Guiding helps the adults who volunteer for them.

Not only has my confidence grown as well my leadership skills, I have also gained a first aid qualification which has come in use when I have been in situations where first aid is required.

I plan on continuing to volunteer with Girl Guiding and expanding my role as we open a Rainbow unit (the youngest section with in Girlguiding containing girls aged 5-7) in the coming months.

Thank you to Girlguiding for giving my the opportunity to develop myself and growing into a better person.

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