Monday, 27 January 2020

Starting up a Rainbow unit

For the last 10 years I have been volunteering for Girl Guiding. I have been helping to run my local Brownie group (girls aged 7-10) and completely love it.

However over the years we have had a lot of girls start and say they wish they had done Rainbows (girls aged 5-6) but where unable to due to there not being a local pack. When I was a child, there was a pack in the same meeting hall as we are in but it has since closed and the nearest one is too far for parents who don’t drive or have other children to consider.  We have a few girls a year start us and tell us how they were disappointed they couldn’t start their GirlGuiding  adventure started earlier.

So for years me and the other leader have said that we are going to open a new Rainbow pack in our area. Finally last year we picked a start date and decided to get the ball rolling.

The year seemed to wiz by before we knew it we were planning for the new Brownie turn and the first few Rainbow meetings.

We made some flyers and sent them to the local school. We got some emails showing some interest.

However when the big day arrived we only had only 1 girl turn up. We knew that we had 4 on the waiting list who will turn 5 within the next  few weeks and so we would be ok to start after half turn if we need to postpone our start but we were all disappointed. We decided to try one more week and see what happens.

We made another massive effort sending out more flyers and using our local Facebook group. The second week we heard the door open and suddenly a flurry of small children entered. We now had 7 Rainbows so would be able to stay open.

The next few weeks will be focusing on getting to know each other and getting them to understand what being a Rainbow is all about.

If you are interested in your daughter joining any section of GirlGuiding please visit the website to find your local pack.

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