Monday, 16 December 2019

Christmas Carol Service

I love December and all the festive things it brings. One of these things is the carol service at Matilda’s school. 

Like always the carol service is held in one of the local churches. Due to limited space within the church, the school give out tickets. They are free and give out about 250. This year they limited it to two per family but still sold out in 24 hours. 

As the tickets were released before the date and time was confirmed, we weren’t sure who would be able to go and watch it. So we got two tickets just incase we both could make it. As it turned out only I could make it as mum was working that day. 

The day before the carol service, our local Facebook groups were filled with people begging for spare tickets. These tickets were like gold dust!  The parents one of Matilda’s friends was asking for a ticket and as they had helped us out before, we offered up our spare. 

I arrived at the church 30 mins early to ensure I got a good seat however people were already queuing all through the church ground. By the time the doors opened 15 minutes before it started, the queue was half way down the road. Despite this I still got a good seat. 

The kids did really well. Each year group was designated a song and when it was there turn, they stood and sang beautifully. The younger children were the cutest. They had a song with actions and they all sang and danced enthusiastically. You could tell the teachers had been practicing with the children. There was also some readings by some of the older children. 

I’m glad that this year I was able to make the carol service. Soon she will be going to secondary school where carol services don’t happen. 

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