Sunday, 19 January 2020

Volunteering at the school

Last week everything went back to normal after the Christmas break. This meant the local school went back and I started my volunteering at the school. 

Because the Christmas break one of the office staff mentioned that I am good with children and have I considered becoming a teaching assistant. She managed to talk me into volunteering for a afternoon a week to see if I enjoyed it. 

So this week I turned up and was told that I would be placed in different classes each week, going to where I was needed the most that day.  On my first day year 3 needed me to listen to some children read. 

I was given a small desk outside the year 3 class room and a list of children. While the year 3 where being registered I felt like a naughty child in detention, sat on my own outside a class room.  

The children were lovely and were enthusiastic to read to me. The school had given all the children a reading range and they had chosen a book with that range so the children were reading a book that was not only fun but catered to their ability. 

I did have a little boy who was a very good reader and had a book that was aimed at children older then him but was in his reading range. He then got a little upset when one of the characters in the story was mocking another for believing in Santa clause. Being only 7, he still believed in Santa and I had to reassure him that Santa is real and she was the only saying that because she was the baddy of the story. 

When I turned up the second week I was told that the year 3 teacher was refusing to let me go so I went to sit at my table outside the year 3 class room. This week i was trusted with the well done stickers and told the children if they read well they would get a sticker. As they all read well, they all got a sticker.

I am loving my time volunteering at the school and maybe I will go on to being a teaching assistant. Who knows. 

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