Friday, 20 March 2020

Happy Confident Me Journal

Matilda is now 10. She is growing up fast and making her own way in the world. She has been through a lot and had to deal with things no child should and as a result Matilda struggles with her insecurities and her anxiety. It is difficulty sometimes to get her to see the positives in life and to see how brilliant she really is.

Matilda worries about a lot of things and although she knows there are many people she can go to if she needs to talk about anything I think she is reluctant too. I considered buying her a diary for her to write down her feeling that way she doesn't have to vocalise them but it will help her to process them. I was then offered to review the new Happy Confident Me Journal.

 I was a little uncertain at first as Matilda has dyslexia and struggles with her writing and tend to give up easily when asked to write. But I was really happy when I saw the layout of this journal. The cover is a bright yellow and gives off a positive vibe. The first few pages focus on how to use the journal and what good the journal can do. We are also introduced to the Happy Confident Bee who appears on most pages with help and advice as you fill out the journal.

Once you reach the main journaling pages I was very impressed with the layout. Rather then large blank pages for you to fill out which would be daunting to anyone, each page is separated into 3 sections. The first is a feeling section, the journal suggests some feeling and you have to circle or highlight the feeling you experience day. There is also a section to write in any feelings that aren't listed. I think this is brilliant as sometimes we all struggle with our feeling and if we really think about what exactly we are feeling it will help us process them better.

The second section asks you to name 3 things that you are grateful for. This will help to put thing into prospective. Yes maybe things didn't go your way today but you are still lucky will what you have.

The third section is to write about 2 things. These are always different and alway positive. The journal may ask for something that you are proud of, something that made you laugh or to name someone who was kind to you. I like this as no matter what you are feeling, it makes you focus on the positives and boosts confidence. When you really start think about it there is plenty to be proud of, plenty to make us smile and plenty to be possitive about.

One of the things I really liked about this journal is that you have to put the day of the week at the top of each page but you can put the full date. I like this because there is no pressure to fill out the journal everyday. If you fill it out once or a week or as and when you wan to you won’t be wasting any spacing having to miss out pages.
Each of these pages has the Happy Confidence Bee offers a quote of the day Quotes such as 'Failure is the key to success. Every failure teaches us something' are always positive and designed to promote self confidence and determination.

after each 7 pages of journal there are a few different pages. One of these pages is a weekly activity that is always different and tends to focus on reflection. It may ask you to write down things you are good at or ways to can make a difference to someone else. Some also ask you to make a list and then tick of when you have achieved them. For example one page asks you to write as many random acts of kindness and you can think and complete one. They are perfect time to reflect on achievement and grown as a person. The journal then has 2 pages which are blank and you can doing what ever you please.

I gave the journal to Matilda who immediately loved it. She loved how bright and colourful the journal was. She also liked how easy it was to fill out. The journal directs your thoughts to positive ones and doesn't expect you to just write out everything you feel. I think that it will be easy to get Matilda to fill out this journal regularly and I genuinely feel it will make her feel happier and more positive. She is such a beautiful, amazing and kind hearted little soul and hopefully this journal will help her to see that.

I would defiantly recommend this journal to anyone with a child ages 8-12 as I feel it has been designed for age range. If you would like more information please check out their website

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