Monday, 30 March 2020

Homeschooling Matilda

This week is the first week that many children will start home education. Me and mum are going to try our hardest to home educate Matilda. It will be difficult as neither of us really know how to home educate but we will try to keep some sort of education going.

We decided that we need to start a routine. We worked with Matilda to see what kind of lessons she does and came up with a time table for her. We felt that 30 minute lessons would work for her level of attention.

She is doing a mixture of subjects. Some I know she would be doing at school and some that are practical for her future. She is doing a lot of reading and writing but also learning basic Dutch as my brother and sister in law live out there and it would be useful for her to speak Dutch.

We have brought her a lot of paper and got her some home learning books from Poundland. Because of the pandemic there is a lot of resources online such as worksheets and lesson plans so we have some idea of what to do.

The first few weeks are going to be trial and error. We will see what works and what doesn’t work and change things accordingly. Matilda seems to be enjoying the home schooling at the moment. I think she does genuinely want to learn and as we have given her the opportunity to pick what topics she is learning she is having fun.

I am also learning a lot. For history Matilda is learning about Queen Victoria and the Victorian era. As I have been helping her in her research, I would now consider myself an expert in all things Victorian!

No one knows when the children will be back at school. Some rumours suggest that they won’t be back before September which means we have a lot of homeschooling ahead of us but as long as she is continuing to do something she should be ok.

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