Thursday, 14 May 2020

Continuing Brownies

A few days before Boris Johnson announced the schools were closing, GirlGuiding made the difficult decision to stop all GirlGuiding meetings and events. It was something that we were all sad about but were expecting. It was needed to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. 

At the time no one knew how long this was going to last for and our leadership team were facing difficulties so we made the decision to just cancel the next two meetings and reevaluate the situation after the Easter holidays. 

On what should have been the Monday the kids started back at school, me and another leader realised we were not going to be back anytime soon so decided to attempt online meetings. We decided that rather then try to have our normal style meetings online we would instead set the girls a challenge and they would use the online meeting to show what they have done. It also means that meeting are more unstructured and the girls can just enjoy seeing their friends more. 

We found a challenge badge that seemed easy to adapt and on what should have been our first brownie meeting back, I sent the parents an email explaining what was happening and to set the challenge. 

One week later and I nervously logged on. I wasn’t sure how many girls would have taken part but I needn’t have worried as suddenly I had half my pack asking to join.   

We decided that as not many rainbows were brave enough to do online meetings we merged the brownies and rainbows together. 

We have had a few of these meetings now and they are going really well. After every meeting I sent an email explaining this weeks challenge and I love seeing what the girls have made. Every week we are join by about 15 girls with another 4 emailing me evidence because they are unable to join us online but still want to join in. 19 out of 30 makes it worthwhile. 

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