Friday, 1 May 2020

A few questions about my blog

I have been challenge by my Mum to answer a few questions about my blog and why I started it up. So here are my answers, have you considered starting a blog? 

1. Why Did You Start A Blog?

I thought why not. I’ll give it a whirl see if I am good enough to write blog.

2. What Platform Did You Choose And Why?

Blogger. My mum uses it and therefore I had a little experience with it.

3. What Was Your First Blog Post? (Leave a link and explain why you wrote it) It is just a little introductory post explaining a little about myself.

4. Did You Set Up The Blog Yourself?

No my mum set up most of it for me as she knew what she was doing!

5. Whats Your Niche And Why Did You Choose It?

My niche is all things geeky. I particularly focus on all things Doctor Who and Star Wars related. I also write a lot about my family and my life as a Brownies and Rainbows leader.

6. At What Stage Did You Start To Review Products

I started reviewing products very quickly. As my mum had a successful blog it was easier for me to get contacts. I also attended a blogging conference very early in the life of my blog and so was able to get contacts from there.

7. What Was The First Thing You Reviewed? I think it was a chocolate advent calendar. I was so happy to receive it.

8. Whose Blogs Do You Enjoy Reading?

I try to vary the blogs I read as being a blogger I try to support other bloggers. 

9. What’s The Most Favourite Blog Post That You Have Written?

I like writing about days out my family have. Most recently I took Matilda to London Zoo and wrote about the day. It is one of my favourites because it was easy to write because there was so much I wanted to write about and it brings back so many good memories.

10. What Is The Best Product That You Reviewed?

I reviewed portable phone charger for a gift guide a couple of years ago and although it is only small, it is something that I have used constantly. I used my phone to listen to music and take a lot of photos but having this portable charger has meant I don’t have to worry about my phone or my headphones loosing battery.

11. Have You Got Any Time Saving Tips For Blogging?

Photos are what times the most time so try to take photos for multiple blog posts at the same time so you only need to get everything out once.

12. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Blogging?

The blogging community it like a family. Although many of us maybe completing for opportunities we would all help each other. Not just with blogging opportunities but with personal issues as well.

13. What Has Been Your Biggest Blogging Fail?

I was once editing my blog on my phone but accidentally deleted about 5 posts. Luckily I had them backed up and just have to copy and post them back but it took a while to re-edit them and add photos.

14. What Is Your Proudest Blogging Moment?

I not had any major proud moments but I do feel proud when a company retweets me as it reaches so many more people.

15. What Advice Would You Give To A New Blogger?

Have the confidence to go for it. Believe that people will read your blog. As long as you are polite, the worst companies can say is no.

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