Sunday, 26 July 2020

What have you done during lockdown?

 Lock down is easing and we can start to return to some sense of normality. 

I am a community carer and therefore never stopped working but my hours did drop for a few weeks but has since picked back up. However my voluntary work did stop and as I was a unable to meet up with friends I did find myself with more free time. 

At the beginning of lock down I made a list of all the things I wanted to get done. I have a book that I wanted to read, about 20 badges that need sewing onto my  Brownie camp blanket, finish my knitted blanket and learn some basic Dutch. 

In the 4 months of lockdown I haven’t really achieved anything! I have started my book but only read about 3 chapters. I can now say 3 words in Dutch although my mind seems to have learnt one useful word and 2 words I am very unlikely to use ( thank you, aunty and dragon!). I am not even touched my knitting and as for the badges on my Brownie Camp blanket, well a friend brought me some more during lockdown so I have more to sew on then at the beginning of lockdown! I did get out my sewing kit once and put on a movie to watch while I did my sewing but got too distracted by the movie so not much sewing got done! 

I have managed some things. I have watched a couple of films and a couple of tv series that I have wanted to watch but kept forgetting too. Homeschooling has also taken up a lot of time. With Matilda only being in primary school, she can’t access the work the school was setting online and she is needing a lot of guidance with how to do things. Although she has done well during lockdown. She had moved her reading test average up ( hopefully this means when she get reevaluated In September her reading range with be higher which means harder books) and she is getting mentioned weekly by her teacher on our forum for the work she is doing. 

Overall I have realised that is it utter rubbish when I say that I am not doing something because I don’t have the time. I have had the time and still lot done them! How much have you got down in lockdown? 

Monday, 6 July 2020

Win A Rimmel Cosmetics Bundle

As some of the restrictions for lock down are being eased and we can visit more places, now is the perfect time to jazz up your cosmetics collection. 

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