Thursday, 3 September 2020

Matilda’s back at school

 Matilda went back to school this week. This was the first time in 6 months that she had been to school. 

Matilda is such a social butterfly and was really missing her friends during lockdown. During august, we were able to do some social distanced picnics with some of her friends but she was unable to see so many of them. As a result she was so excited to get back. 

The night before we named her uniform, made her lunch and got her school bag ready. She set her alarm and went to bed no problem. In the morning she woke up before her alarm and got ready quickly. 

On the way to school the nerves starting to kick in. She was unsure what classroom she was going in, unsure who her teacher was and unsure of what changes would be made.  We tried to reassure her but it’s difficult when we don’t know the answers. 

When we reached the school Matilda spotted some of her friends and the nerves seemed to disappear. The school had staggered entrance times so only her year were there and she was able to follow her friends in where she was directed to her new classroom. 

When she came out she was so excited about the new year. She likes her teacher and her work within lockdown seems to be paying off as her reading range has improved dramatically. Although Matilda doesn’t like that she can’t socialise with friends in other years as they are insulated from other all other year groups. 

The school seems to have done all they could to make things run smoothly with all the new adjustments and it’s working. Hopefully Matilda can enjoy her final year of primary school.

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