Sunday, 18 October 2020

Review of Box of Favours

I love having a little sister. Sometimes she gets on my nerves but I love having a sister with such a large age gap.
However one of the downsides is that not only do I need to buy my mum birthday and Christmas presents from me but from her as well. Obviously I’m not excepted to buy anything but it is nice to get her something from Matilda and Matilda is now at the age where she understands that giving is just as important as receiving and so like to give.

In the past I have given Matilda a couple of pound and let her loose in Poundland so she can say she chose it herself or get Matilda to make something. Poundland sometimes sell little A5 sized canvases with festive pictures on that Matilda loved to colour in and mum loved to receive (or maybe mum just acted like she loved it!).

However Matilda is now 10 and wants something with meaning. I wish I could get my mum everything she deserves but I can’t afford it. I started looking online for something that is suitable when I came across the Box of Favours.

Box of favours is a small gift box filled with business sized card each one with a special favour that the recipient can invoke.

The favours come is luxurious looking purple and gold box (the box is similar in design to how jewellery comes). The cards themselves also look professional with black writing and a gold border.
The favours included are simple favours such as a special meal or a movie of your choice. My personal favourite is 1h peace and quiet! 

The thing I love the most is that there are 5 empty card in which you can write your own favour. Something personal to the receiver. This means the box is adaptable for any relationship. Matilda decided to add chocolate as she knows mums loves chocolate!

The box of favours also comes with a contract. This comes in a black envelope and is a prewritten message that the giver signs stating that they will carry out all the favours or they are a ‘miserable sod’. This made me laugh and I know anyone who receives this will find it funny.

Overall we loved the box of favours and would recommend as a gift suggestion to others. Matilda feels like she is able to give mum something that has the personal touch. Box of Favours is available from amazon for only £9.99.

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