Sunday, 11 October 2020

Saving money this Christmas

 This year has been a bit bonkers. We have had several months of lockdown and revised opening hours meaning many people have lost their jobs or had to take a pay cut because they have been or are currently still on furlough. 

Although we seem to be getting back on our feet with more shops, entertainment facilities and restaurants opening, many of us are going to find Christmas difficult financially. And with the fear of a potential second lockdown things may get worse before they get better. 

I know Christmas isn’t all about the presents or how much money you spend. It’s more about spending time with loved ones but we all want to buy things for the people we love to show that we care and sometimes the pressure and expectation from others can cause people to spend more then they had hoped. I know I always live in fear that the presents I buy aren't as good as or expensive as the presents I am receiving. 

Every year I always I always do what I can to save money here and there. Previously I have made people Christmas presents rather then buy presents (You should check out my homemade selection box). 

So as this year is particularly difficult I will share some of my idea to bring the cost of  Christmas down. I would love to hear your ideas of how you keep your Christmas costs down. 

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