Sunday, 22 November 2020

Have you tried using a Seasonal Planner?

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will confirm I am the least organized person in the world. I am always forgetting birthdays or remembering the date of a birthday but not realizing that date is so close! 

Every Christmas I am always gifted a diary or planner and I start the year off with such good intentions. Always writing in important dates and regularly checking the diary for upcoming events. If a birthday or event is in January, I am more likely to be prepared for it.

However as the weeks go by, my diary will start to get tatty and sometimes they start to fall apart. This added to the fact that I start forgetting to check it so by march I have stopped using it. This means that I soon get back to my disorganized ways.

However I was asked to review a seasonal planner. As the name suggests this is a planner that only covers 3 months and has been specifically designed to help you keep up to date with the present but review your goals every few months.

When the seasonal planner arrived I was excited. It looked nice and has a protective cover over the front. the front page is very festive as this seasonal planner covers December, January and February. it also arrived in a festive film to prevent any damage before it reached me.  

 The first few pages of the planner are important information for you to fill out such as number of your doctors and dates for renewal of car insurance. This is handy information to have and ensures you don't have to go hunting for it when you need it. The diary has a page for you to write in your goals. These are split into 8 categories and is a useful page as it made me think about setting myself some goals
As this planner starts in December, there is a section on Christmas. The planner contains many pages that help with the planning of gifts, meals and budgeting and well as useful information and tips.

 I can defiantly see myself using the gift lists as I frequently forget presents that I have brought and end up buying more. I started to fill mine out with the presents I had already brought. I started with Matilda as she is the one I usually buy too much for. I then planned to list all my family and close friends and tick them off when I have got them something. Obviously I got distracted and decides to colour in the little picture of the stocking before finishing my list! 

Every week in the planner starts with a page with a weekly meal plan, shopping list and a section for key activities that week. I like this as I can plan my weekly meals and know what I need to buy. I am also hoping this will save me money as I will know what I need to buy to prevent food wastage. I rarely make shopping lists as I loose them! If it is incorporated into the diary I wont loose it. It will also act as a reminder to think about meal preparation at the beginning of the week.

Each day within the planner is on a separate page and is has been spilt into hourly segments from 8am to 8pm. I like this as I can fully plan my days and I can clearly see that I may have a lot on but do have a nothing on in the afternoon.

After each month there are a few pages to reflect the month gone and prepare for the month that's just beginning. 

The planner has been designed in black and white with small pictures on some of the pages. I like this as I am able to colour code the planner in a way that suits me. I am also able to colour in the pictures which I know I will enjoy doing. There are also many spaces to doodle and personalize this seasonal planner. These act as a good stress reliever. 

Overall I love this seasonal planner and I think that it will help me be more organized. For more information and to browse the full range of planners available please see their website here

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