Friday, 1 January 2021

Ways to help you keep your New Years resolutions.

 It’s finally 2021 and many of us like to start of a new year with a promise of being better.  

Phrases like ‘new year, new me’ get thrown around a lot and many people do find the inspiration to change but so many give up by the end of January. Here are some tips to help you keep to your New Years resolutions. 

1 - pick a goal that can be measured. For example don’t say you wish to loose weight say you want to loose so many pounds. Don’t aim to eat healthier, aim to each 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day. 

2 - Once you have set a big goal brake it down into smaller goals. This will make it more manageable and seem more achievable. Once you hit a smaller goal you will have the determination to reach the larger goals. 

3 -  Tell your family and friends. They may wish to join you or will be less likely to try to tempt you if they are aware you are changing your lifestyle. 

4 - If you fall off the wagon, get back on. Don’t give up, one bad day doesn’t mean you have failed. 

5 - Join a help group. This could be an official group to help lose weight or stop smoking or an unofficial group on social media to get support and ideas to help you. 

6 -  Track your progress. This will show you what you are struggling with to help you succeed. It will also help you when you are struggling or lose your determination it will show you how much you have already achieved to get you that umph to continue. 

I hope these gave you some ideas to help to stick to your New Years resolutions. Good luck with yours. 

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